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Real bomb timer with sounds, for every tickrate

Bomb Timer Details Version: 4.0.3
Updated:2011-03-09 15:58:57
Downloads: 64459

Displays bomb time at specified intervals and emits a countdown voice from the bomb. Allows custom sounds but no client downloads required for default sounds. Also compatible with slow motion! Requires only ES 2.0+

CheapBombTimer Details Version: 7
Updated:2008-03-10 20:55:19
Downloads: 17518

Provides steady health regeneration for all players up to an optional, maximum amount. Requires only ES 2.1+

HealthRegen Details Version: 7
Updated:2010-11-12 20:54:33
Downloads: 12464

Plays beeps for players based on the distance of opponents. Requires only ES 2.0+

SourceRadar Details Version: 4
Updated:2008-04-19 02:32:56
Downloads: 7712

Sets player visibility based on movement and damage. Requires only ES

NowYouSeeMe Details Version: 5
Updated:2008-09-15 02:15:38
Downloads: 4977

Force end of map when timeleft is 0, even with DM or similar

DM EndGame Details Version: 1.2z
Updated:2008-11-24 07:38:42
Downloads: 6080

Script addon to add rounds to deathmatch servers

DM EndRound Details Version: 2.5
Updated:2011-10-25 13:41:15
Downloads: 20501

by Wonder
C4Talk is a spoken C4 countdown timer.

C4Talk v1.7.2 Details Posted: 2006-08-17 06:32:31

Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu Screenshot
by .:MiB:.
And advanced set of tools for respawning.

Advanced Spawn Wave by Shidobu Details Version: 2.0.4
Updated:2010-10-06 11:54:26
Downloads: 13598

[OB] C4 Simple Screenshot
by sicilia
Script affichant le décompte de la bombe

[OB] C4 Simple Details Version: 1.6
Updated:2010-10-23 05:38:01
Downloads: 17447

by k0riz0n
brings back HLSW timeleft feature

HLSW Timeleft Script v1.3 by k0riz0n Details Posted: 2006-06-23 18:31:19

announces time remaining on each map after each round and to public var

Ace Timeleft Details Posted: 2006-05-19 11:10:05

by BackRaw
this addon displays the exact bomb-time to all players on the server

Exact BombTimer Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-10-01 10:44:44
Downloads: 4051

Timer for CS:S(Eng) Screenshot
by Di[M]aN
Timer in counter strike

Timer for CS:S(Eng) Details Version: b1
Updated:2010-03-19 13:54:28
Downloads: 2806

Fordítást készítette magyar-oneill!

Bomb Timer - Hungarian version Details Version: 4.0.2
Updated:2012-04-08 13:51:03
Downloads: 4631

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