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by bonbon
An addon to punish mis-behaviours, by your favourite way ABUSE! 35 Current options! (Also a plain admin abuse menu)

SuperMods Details Version: 4.9
Updated:2008-10-13 00:01:33
Downloads: 51987

Anti Flash Screenshot
by bonbon
Announce team flashes + record to flashes.txt if admin on server, popup menu avialable to punish

Anti Flash Details Version: 1.5
Updated:2009-04-02 23:15:35
Downloads: 11419

You are an Idiot![update] Screenshot
The most funny and worst punishement on Source!!![error fixed]

You are an Idiot![update] Details Version: 1.1.1
Updated:2008-04-12 22:31:44
Downloads: 12835


Svens Admin: Point and Punish Details Posted: 2006-09-22 00:10:56

SplashDamage Screenshot
Distributes part of the damage each player takes to surrounding players. Requires only ES 2.0+

SplashDamage Details Version: 3
Updated:2007-10-23 03:19:23
Downloads: 7634

RegenMod Screenshot
Gives players health and armor based on damage, weapon, and hitbox; sets spawn health and money; awards monetary bonuses for high-damage hits. Requires only ES 2.0+

RegenMod Details Version: 5
Updated:2007-11-14 16:27:02
Downloads: 8458

Changes the money and score received for certain actions. Requires only ES 2.0+

NewRewards Details Version: 4
Updated:2007-10-29 07:11:45
Downloads: 5117

Player reporting system

WatchList v1.0 Details Posted: 2007-03-11 22:08:03

Allows players to swap money, score, position, or team with their victims. Requires only ES 2.0+

SwapWithVictim Details Version: 4
Updated:2007-10-29 06:59:19
Downloads: 4803

by bonbon
Simple addon to get rid of Caps Lock Noobs :)

Caps Lock Filter Details Version: 1.3
Updated:2008-04-14 18:31:46
Downloads: 8247

Adds a bunch of commands and admins that can use them via player say or console

EasyAdmin Details Posted: 2006-07-10 18:23:08

Watches player chatting and filters/punishes for bad words

Chatwatch Details Version: 1.1t
Updated:2007-07-12 06:43:07
Downloads: 3598

by bonbon
I really hate when people join as unnamed so has two options to deal with that

unnamed kicker Details Version: 3.0.0
Updated:2010-02-02 18:54:02
Downloads: 14387

CheapBeacon -- light up certain weapons Screenshot
Emits white light from weapons of your choice. Requires only EventScripts v1.5+

CheapBeacon -- light up certain weapons Details Version: 3
Updated:2007-07-27 20:09:12
Downloads: 3001

Spawn protection script addon for HL2DM

HL2DM Spawn Protection *Updated 10/24/06* Details Posted: 2006-06-02 17:45:19

by Medda
This Is The Anti-Team-Flash-System (ATFS)... This Will Slay Or Just Make The Teamflashers Public Known. Now With Inbuild Anti-Spawn-Flash-System (ASFS). Enjoy!!!

Medda_ATFS | Rewritten For ES 1.5 Or Later Details Posted: 2006-08-13 22:09:12

Makes players without a kill in certain number of rounds or deaths explosive. Requires only ES 2.0+

BomberMan Details Version: 3
Updated:2007-11-02 17:10:32
Downloads: 4910

Allows admins to punish people by removing ranking points from them

HLStatsX Punisher Details Version: KwikFix 2 for v1.1
Updated:2007-11-26 11:20:27
Downloads: 8476

GimpMod Screenshot
This script gimps a player by replacing anything they say with a random phrase.

GimpMod Details Version: 1.5.3
Updated:2008-04-13 01:49:18
Downloads: 7278

A script that manages server rules easily for both visitors and admins.

Server Rules Script Details Version: v1.0.3
Updated:2007-08-22 12:16:00
Downloads: 14479

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