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by bobdole
Player trails coloured by which team the player is on.

PyTrails Details Version: v1.1
Updated:2008-04-28 05:10:27
Downloads: 5513

by ojii
Random Effects whenever you'er hit by a bullet! FUN!

Random Effects Details Version: 1.0.0
Updated:2009-05-01 04:08:43
Downloads: 3336

Eyera Screenshot
A remake of the race Eye Ra for WCS 0.78

Eyera Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2011-08-15 01:09:42
Downloads: 3429

by ajax
Provides an on-screen and audio countdown for C4 timer

C4 COUNTDOWN Script Pack Details Posted: 2005-06-20 04:23:14

by Vaatrad
Ever wished when you shot someone that they'd have a little difficulty shooting back? A script pack that makes you flinch when you get injured.

Vaa_Ality Flinch Mod 1.0 Details Posted: 2006-04-26 07:27:05

by Don
Increases the power of your hand grenades.

Big Blast (originally by Ajax)  for ES 1.0 Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2007-07-13 19:20:07
Downloads: 2552

by cchjoe
a newbies 1st official script

SpeedBomber Mod Details Posted: 2006-07-02 01:00:36

by Wonder
Special bonuses/penalties for the PrimeHunter-- kill them and you become PrimeHunter

PrimeHunter v1.9 Details Posted: 2006-07-26 04:11:52

by wh0re
The sexiest knifing mod. ;)

True Ninja MOD Details Posted: 2006-08-08 21:11:37

by Wonder
When an enemy crosses their BattleSensor, the player who planted it will be informed. Inspired by Venjax's Landmine script.

BattleSensor v1.1 Details Posted: 2006-08-10 13:10:22

by McFly
Send all enemies to jail to win

[MoD] Jailbreak Mod - Brand New Version - 0.1 Details Posted: 2006-09-17 23:22:22

Each round-end it randomizes if it will be Invisiblewars, Terminatorwars, Wimpwars or BeastWars

FP_RandWars Details Posted: 2006-09-30 18:52:21

by Dave
When a player says

D-AngelofDeath Details Posted: 2006-10-03 17:47:50

by TanaToS
a small Script fore more Blood

[v0.5beta//27/04/07] TanaToS Extream Blood Details Posted: 2007-04-27 11:38:19

Conquer the map by getting all respawn areas

SpawnConquer Details Version: .9
Updated:2007-11-21 02:03:57
Downloads: 2854

HOLLIDAY sfx Screenshot
lots of different effects

HOLLIDAY sfx Details Version: 0.1
Updated:2007-12-04 06:15:12
Downloads: 3576

Play custom or default sounds whenever a player gets a knife kill! With option to add auto-download to custom sounds!

Knife Sounds! Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-06-24 03:02:21
Downloads: 6616

need extended events for this version

DoD Tracers Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2008-11-08 15:50:19
Downloads: 6239

by kobo1d
This Script checks if CT's or T's won the round and plays random sounds + for both teams a different effect! (shake,matrix,colours,fog) CT's have it blue and T's have it red.. Without external Files !! (no downloads)

Dead Screen [1.5] Details Version: v0.1(beta)
Updated:2008-10-14 14:08:19
Downloads: 3549

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