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WCS:Python Screenshot
Led by: Jeff91
Collaborators: freddukes
Classic, Fully Customizable, WarCraft:Source Mod. Rewritten in python for speed and functionality.

WCS:Python Details Version: 0.8.7a
Updated:2008-10-04 09:27:51
Downloads: 87586

BBank Screenshot
by bonbon
A re-write of the origional bank by I don't know who with lots more features! (5+)

BBank Details Version: 2.0.6d
Updated:2010-05-04 21:04:46
Downloads: 157568

Super Admin Danish/Dansk Screenshot
Led by: kroko
Collaborators: TheCheeTaH
This is super admin translated to danish

Super Admin Danish/Dansk Details Version: Super_admindanish
Updated:2010-04-16 19:49:26
Downloads: 8537

[EOC] Execute On Connect Screenshot
Led by: Sacred-Angel
Collaborators: Nemaides
A simple script that executes a command on connect

[EOC] Execute On Connect Details Version: 1.7
Updated:2010-09-21 12:01:38
Downloads: 15136

by lynge
view the rules in the text message box! enjoy it

ultimate rules Details Version: v.1.0
Updated:2009-07-23 05:06:06
Downloads: 2947

by kazzo12
Denne addon gør at du kan skrive !regler inde på din server og en menu med regler vil pop-up.

Regler Details Version: v1.0
Updated:2013-04-08 16:44:34
Downloads: 3909

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