User Addons

CheapBeacon -- light up certain weapons Screenshot
Emits white light from weapons of your choice. Requires only EventScripts v1.5+

CheapBeacon -- light up certain weapons Details Version: 3
Updated:2007-07-27 20:09:12
Downloads: 2957

Provides a client command to swap between the knife and last active weapon. Requires only ES

KnifeSwap Details Version: 3
Updated:2009-06-28 20:59:50
Downloads: 6665

Dissolves idle weapons, ragdolls, and items. Requires only ES 2.1+

EntDissolver Details Version: 1
Updated:2010-11-28 13:55:27
Downloads: 5177

Makes players without a kill in certain number of rounds or deaths explosive. Requires only ES 2.0+

BomberMan Details Version: 3
Updated:2007-11-02 17:10:32
Downloads: 4846

ThreadPool Screenshot
Provides a high-level interface with threads.

ThreadPool Details Version: 1
Updated:2011-06-19 12:07:52
Downloads: 2949

Allows players to have a sudden, triggered speed burst and a chargeable speed burst. Requires only ES

SpeedBurst Details Version: 1
Updated:2009-06-28 21:03:11
Downloads: 3089

Randomly chooses a weapon each round for all players to use. Also provides an admin menu for choosing next weapon. Requires only ES

SingleWeapon Details Version: 1
Updated:2008-08-13 16:01:18
Downloads: 2978

Freezerail Screenshot
Led by: ragebean
Collaborators: SuperDave 101satoon101
Fun Mod to Freeze + Unfreeze a Player

Freezerail Details Version: 1.01
Updated:2010-05-21 08:38:49
Downloads: 20167

Popup system with example admin addon. Requires only ES 2.1+

CheapPopup/CheapAdmin Details Version: 1
Updated:2011-03-12 17:31:57
Downloads: 7791

Provides TF2-style critical hits. Requires only ES 2.1+

CritHits Details Version: 1
Updated:2010-11-11 22:40:13
Downloads: 4395

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