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This mod adds the function to drop the knife! Just press G while you are holding your knife to drop it.

knifedrop Details Version: 1.6 FINAL
Updated:2008-04-04 16:16:01
Downloads: 13564

This is a mod, where The CT's have only a knife, a specific ammount of: health, speed and invisibility and have to knife the one (or more [configurable]) terrorist(s). The terrorists [...] -> read the description for more infos.

TvsCT Details Version: 1.1 FINAL
Updated:2008-09-22 12:05:08
Downloads: 10120

Vc_Stats Screenshot
This is a great plugin with the function to read the clients variables.

Vc_Stats Details Version: 1.0 FINAL
Updated:2008-03-26 18:47:11
Downloads: 4889

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