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Srules Screenshot
Custum your server whit srules! Creat a popup whit your own rules, admin info, mod on your server and more! check it out and woot if you like it. :D

Srules Details Version: V 1.21
Updated:2009-01-24 19:50:03
Downloads: 11382

Anti-Flash Screenshot
Kill peaple use flash, play a funny chicken sound and make flash not blind! and more check in info

Anti-Flash Details Version: v 1.1
Updated:2008-11-30 15:11:19
Downloads: 7127

The best simple download list for your server! (Skin,sound and more!)

SimpleDownload Details Version: V1.0
Updated:2008-10-15 13:29:57
Downloads: 3568

Bonus-Money Screenshot
Kill enemie and get bonus money for you good work!

Bonus-Money Details Version: V1.0b
Updated:2008-10-11 00:55:32
Downloads: 4737

Sry guy long time i dosnt do a script :) but im back :P

sdeathrun Details Version: V1.0b
Updated:2008-10-21 07:03:10
Downloads: 5571

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