User Addons

If you kill with a hegrenade give you victims money, health, new hegrenade and will be pleyed sound. Completely adjusted

Grenade Hunter Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-11-01 15:48:07
Downloads: 2833

Played sounds when you write words.

WordSound Details Version: 1.2
Updated:2008-10-14 23:57:26
Downloads: 6973

Shows that damage you have rendered or have received, the weapon from which was shot, amount of the remained hp.

Damage Indicator Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2008-12-22 08:51:59
Downloads: 3404

If a player wants to change team he must pay some money.

Team Changer Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2009-01-28 14:25:39
Downloads: 6293

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