User Addons

PublicNotes [EPN] Screenshot
by .eMko*
This is simple and customizable script for advertisements in chat on start of each round.

PublicNotes [EPN] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-06-08 21:27:08
Downloads: 2908

StopBlock [ESB] Screenshot
by .eMko*
StopBlock enable No-Blocking between players. Useful for deathmatch servers.

StopBlock [ESB] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-06-09 12:16:01
Downloads: 2677

BanHelper [EBH] Screenshot
by .eMko*
Shows the name and steam id in chat of player who disconnects. This is useful for banning.

BanHelper [EBH] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-06-09 15:34:06
Downloads: 2780

ServRules [ESR] Screenshot
by .eMko*
When player types !rules into chat a menu with all server rules will popup

ServRules [ESR] Details Version: 1.0
Updated:2010-06-10 09:01:36
Downloads: 2757

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